Wednesday January 29, 2020
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About Us

At, self-teaching and fun with sing-along and use of technology is the hoped-for result of your purchase today. Our karaoke equipment and CDs are affordable, of high quality, and up-to-date. We stand behind our products, and will work with you to assure your satisfaction.

At you will find our products in stock will fluctuate. To be notified when we restock a product, go to the "sold out" product's description page and click the "Notification" box. Your time here will be best spent if you will bookmark or purchase available products now that fit your interest. Alternatively, log in and place your choices in your permanent cart but do not complete the 4th page of the checkout process. Your choices will still be there when you return to this site.

In addition to finding karaoke CDs and equipment on this site, you may find our sister site,, will continue your exploration of the amazing technological developments of the current music scene.'s Sheet Music with CDs products will give you access to a range of styles of musical performance throughout history, and to music adapted to all ages and performance levels. The CDs may be played on a karaoke machine or player that accepts DVDs or CDGs, but there is no lyrics display encoded in the CD. Many musicians prefer sheet music which allows for reading of notation as well as lyrics.

Between our two websites, we specialize in products which enable you to:

  • play or sing along with accomplished musicians at your chosen pitch or tempo,
  • discover new composition techniques and software,
  • practice silently using earphones, amplifier, or mixer,
  • use an electronically adaptable instrument, and
  • record, broadcast, or publicly perform with quality portable equipment.

We know that instruction is not always affordable or adequate to accomplish your goals. That's where technology can help with self-teaching. And karaoke enables you to easily share your musical performance experiences with others.

We know you are cautious with your purchases. Your well-maintained purchases will not lose their usefulness when you ultimately wish to pass them on to another recipient. Your choices today will further your progress now.

Should you experience difficulties and find technical assistance from the manufacturer or publisher insufficient, we will help. Contact us via this website by voicemail or email. We care about your success using our products.

Please inform yourself as to our and our suppliers' return policies (see link under Information). Due to copyright and health concerns, we cannot accept opened CDs, music in worn condition, or products used near the mouth or ears for return.

Our second sister website, "Music Improvising How To," furthers our educational goals, and may be found at

Remember: Don't lose your research. Bookmark or make copies of your choices. Email to yourself your login email, password, Rewards Points earned with purchase, and 30-day date when Rewards Points may be applied to your next purchase. Request notification of restocking if your desired item is Sold Out. Act today to develop your skills and studio resources.