Wednesday January 29, 2020
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Store Credits and Rewards Loyalty Program

If you return to our site 30 days after your purchase (when the return period has expired), you will be able to apply your store credit to a new purchase, except that store credit may not be combined with a Discount Coupon or Gift Certificate.

For tracking and fraud prevention, you must be logged in to receive, view, and use your rewards points. As stated in our Privacy Policy, we do not sell your login information or use it to send unauthorized email. Please record your login email and password. You may wish to email these to your confidential email address on registering. A similar procedure will help you track Rewards Points and the 30-day date on which they become valid.

The amount of store credit offered will vary. When logged in, you will see your past and present Store Credit "Rewards" amount on the bottom or side of your page. Only Rewards Points older than 30 days may be applied to your purchase. We are currently offering 10%-of-purchase Rewards Points while launching our store.

Discount Coupon

Discount Coupons are available on request:

  • for orders of 2 items or more totaling over $200.
  • for items priced lower by another vendor unless lower than our cost.

Simply email with the details of your request. If our price is not competitive, please specify the website of the vendor with lower price.

We will try to complete the necessary research and respond within 48 hours. We will do our best to give you the best deal possible.

We appreciate your interest in our site and welcome your comments.

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