Tuesday January 28, 2020
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Music: English CDG

Both CD and DVD players will play CDG discs, but without the graphics, so sheet music or a lyric sheet is needed. However, if played on a CDG player, lyrics (graphics) will display onscreen.

The karaoke CD + Graphics discs on this site are in 3 formats:

  • CDG contains a faint melody. In some cases, a song may appear twice on a disc, once with and once without lead vocals. In other cases, in order to provide more songs, no lead vocals are included on the disc, and a faint melody guides the singer as lyrics display on the monitor or TV screen.
  • CDGM (CD + Graphics Multiplex) discs contain fewer songs, so that they may provide a separate lead vocal track which may be turned on to learn the song or off to sing without the vocal track. Children's karaoke is often in CDGM format.
  • CDG+PC is a format utilized by the Allstar Karaoke brand. CDG+PC discs will play either on a CDG player or in a CD drive on a personal computer. Generally these discs do not need special software to read the graphics (lyrics). However, if the computer reads the CD as a regular audio CD, the particular computer may need a driver to be downloaded from the web to read the graphics portion of the CD.