Wednesday February 26, 2020
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7-eMail Series: Could karaoke change your life?

Whether you're just starting out with karaoke or would just like to go deeper in sharing the karaoke experience, karaoke brings many opportunities to develop:

  • personal talents and graces,
  • social skills,
  • family interaction,
  • literacy, speech, or foreign language skills,
  • technical knowledge, and
  • personal growth.

Because karaoke provides a structured way of interacting and communicating with others, everyone can participate in and benefit from karaoke. These articles will remind you to be aware of some less obvious problems karaoke could bring to the forefront, and ways karaoke might help to solve those problems and improve our lives.

  • Is Karaoke Fun?
  • Are You Poised Yet?
  • When Is Karaoke More than Karaoke?
  • When Does Karaoke Do More than Develop Music and Language Skills?
  • Karaoke Is Not Just Popular Music.
  • Karaoke Can Lead to Creativity in Music.
  • Karaoke Helps Us To Share Well.

Click here for our "Unexpected Benefits of Karaoke" 7-email series, written from a composer-teacher's point of view.