Wednesday January 29, 2020
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Convert CDG to DivX

If you're considering going to a DivX "juke box" format, or have already done so, we at say Congratulations. You're about to win back your space occupied by that mountain of CDGs filling up your bookshelf, and gain an easy system to finding the song you want in an instant.

If you already have a large collection of CDGs, you'll want to convert those to DivX format, if your DivX songs don't duplicate your collection.

Here are some links to great information on DivX technology, along with instructions on converting CDGs into DivX discs.

MP4s don't usually present a "space" problem like CDGs. However, it might be convenient to extend your DivX indexing capability to include your MP4 collection. You can convert your MP4 karaoke files to DivX with this free converter:

With a busy schedule, you might prefer to just go with an existing DivX collection; but it's always nice to be aware of what is possible.