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How To Encourage a Musician with Karaoke

Karaoke Machine Note #2: How To Encourage a Musician with Karaoke

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My music teaching career was cut short by a drastic cut of music programs from the school district. Fifty music teaching positions were eliminated after my first year. Similar program cuts occurred in other localities. These events have brought school budgets more in line with school funding, but also have shifted music instruction away from the public school into the realm of private instruction.

Many children forego asking for music lessons when they believe their parents could not well afford to pay for them. Many children will relieve the parent's burden of paying for lessons by stating lessons are not wanted, or are of little concern.

But give a child, or interested adult, a karaoke machine and possibly an instrument, and budding musical talent may be ferreted out. A musical bent can and will develop where there is interest. Karaoke can thus assume part of the music-teaching burden where funding for private lessons, and transportation to lessons, may be lacking.

Once a sincere interest in music is identified, a student will seek out opportunities to learn more. Much information is available on the web.

An important consideration for a musician is access to funds, to purchase sheet music with CD, or karaoke music, or the equipment to slow down or change pitch of a recording. The expense of such items may be prohibitive. For this reason, family members should be aware that a small contribution may be made to a gift account by many individuals, so that an appropriate purchase may be made by the recipient of the gift, once enough funds are accumulated.

With the encouragement of gift certificates which the musician may have requested while setting a limit on individual contributions, the musician can explore what is available on the web, and identify a desired music selection or piece of musical equipment, knowing eventually musical goals can be achieved, without causing hardship to donors who want to further the musician's goals.

In these ways, a karaoke system can not only inspire self-teaching, and improve practice, but can also help identify and nurture an interest in music that might otherwise remain undiscovered or undeveloped in a family member.

Affordable karaoke machines are available at Sheet music with CD, plus TASCAM trainers for instrumental or vocal karaoke are available at Gift accounts are available at both websites. Karaoke enthusiasts may ask family to donate a modest amount towards a single purchase goal. A permanent cart may be established with items remaining in the cart until deleted or purchased.