Wednesday February 26, 2020
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Gift Guide

A Gift Certificate is sent by email to a recipient. It is possible to print the certificate and present it on a special occasion. The recipient goes to the website, and enters a code to place funds in a Gift Account.

The convenience of this Certificate is that it allows several donors to contribute a small amount, such as $5, so that the recipient may make a larger purchase; and it can be done on the spur of the moment from a computer.

Alternatively, when buying for another, it is best to consider the age and interests of the recipient. It is possible to purchase a low-cost karaoke system for use at a party. The cheapest system, the Plug 'N' Sing DVD microphone, requires a TV and DVD player, or a videogame setup such as a PS2, PS3, or XBox. This type of system will have a sound quality similar to that of the sound system to which it is connected.

If singers need to hear the song being sung, it is best to avoid CDG (CD + Graphics [lyrics]) format. CDG was an early format for karaoke, and has remained the most popular, as many karaoke enthusiasts know their songs and do not need the vocal tracks. But for many popular songs, it is not obvious how the words fit with the music, so that CDGM (CDG Multiformat), which has a vocal track, or DVD, which also has a vocal track, is to be preferred.

For more information, click on your singer type to see our comments on appropriateness of specific karaoke machines for different ages and types of karaoke performer.