Tuesday January 28, 2020
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Meanwhile, the quickest way to start with home karaoke is to go with the karaoke machine that most fits your immediate needs. Don't wait to identify a karaoke machine that will suit every purpose. You will eventually want more than one machine if you have different age groups to please.

If price is your main consideration, here is our cheapest karaoke machine (under $40 including shipping), which works only if you connect it to a DVD player and TV, or, alternatively, to a playstation or XBox (both of which will play DVDs). Although this Plug 'N' Sing DVD microphone has only 5 watts of power, it gains volume and quality if hooked up to a better TV or stereo system.

For comparison, here is our top-seller for families, on Amazon, a self-contained karaoke machine which plays not only DVDs but MP3s and CDGs as well. This GF829 all-in-one karaoke machine can can even record the performance.

Usually, cost of a karaoke machine is a big consideration, but karaoke singers really care about sound quality, and do not want to buy a karaoke machine with poor-quality sound reproduction. We're sensitive to quality sound reproduction, also, because musicians play and sing more and better when the sound quality is high.

Below is a link to our article on how to evaluate a cheaper karaoke machine's potential for a higher quality karaoke experience.

The jist of the article is: Don't be afraid to buy a less expensive karaoke product, if that product has capability to connect with a better audio system to achieve an increased volume (wattage) or quality sound. Just make sure the product you buy has a warranty, and your purchase will be protected as being refundable.

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